Stitched Image of Shave Ice and Trailer.


 Our goal at The Fresh Shave is to serve the best all–natural and delicious shave ice. We offer a healthier alternative to Hawaii’s most famous treat. We strive to use organic ingredients and local farm fresh produce in all our products. Good-bye high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring, hello simple and pure ingredients!  Our ice is hand cranked and our syrups are homemade, so each shave ice treat is truly handcrafted.

To tie together the barbershop feel, we named each flavor after a popular mustache style, and every straw is adorned with a playful mustache sticker. From the very beginning, we hoped to create a fun experience for all of our  

customers whether they’re into foodie photos, selfies, or simply giggling over how to wear their ‘staches. Our iconic mustache brand is just another way we express our uniqueness.

Our core values are derived from the early beginnings of our company that started in Kauai, Hawaii. These values are centered around three principles: Aloha (love), Aina (land), and Ohana (family). At The Fresh Shave we believe the way food is prepared is just as important as how it is grown. Our product is handcrafted with aloha from start to finish. Being conscious of our land and choosing organic supports farmers and producers who live for the same things we do--good health and sustainable habits. Our family is our soul. We believe in the magic of building a supportive community. We ground our business in positive and productive interactions with colleagues, customers, and vendors.

The Fresh Shave proves that dessert can taste delicious and make you feel good about your food choices at the same time. We plan to influence our food culture one Fresh Shave at a time!

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